Linux Essentials

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is proud to announce an innovative “first-of-its-kind” program for the academic sector, youth and others new to the world of Linux and Open Source technology.

Created in partnership with a community of teachers,trainers and experts world-wide. The “Linux Essentials” program prepares the next generation to acquire the advanced skills needed to fill increasing shortages of workers in today’s mixed IT environments. It supports government and educational authorities bringing Linux and Open Source to the classroom at much younger ages. Supporting learning and fun through skills competitions like World Skills and Euroskills. Supporting international collaboration and the development of teacher-tested educational initiatives for the classroom.

Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement

Recommended by the best teachers and trainers in the world, the Linux Essentials Exam is a vendor neutral, one-of-a-kind measure of foundation knowledge in Linux and Open Source.

Status: Coming to schools and colleges in June 11, 2012
Prerequisites: none
Requirements: Pass the Linux Essentials Exam

Overview of Tasks

To secure the Certificate of Achievement in Linux Essentials, you should be able to demonstrate a(n):

  • Understands the basic concepts of processes, programs and the components of an Operating System.
  • Has a basic knowledge of computer hardware
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of Open Source Applications in the Workplace as they relate to Closed Source equivalents.
  • Understands navigation systems on a Linux Desktop and where to go for help.
  • Has a rudimentary ability to work on the command line and with files.
  • Can use a basic command line editor.

Linux Essentials Exam

The Linux Essentials exam is a recommended, not required, pre-requisite for training in the LPIC professional program. Exams are delivered in schools and training centres around the world. To locate the centre nearest you, please contact your local LPI Affiliate.

This is a required exam for Linux Essentials Certificate. It covers basic knowledge for those working and studying in Open Source and various distributions of Linux.