Exam Development

LPI’s exam development uses proven techniques used by most other IT certification programs. It is detailed, thorough, participatory, collaborative and employs many proven techniques used by the best IT certification programs.


Psychometrics, the study of testing and measuring mental capacity, is used throughout LPI certification development to ensure that our exams reflect the needs of the IT community and industry.

Development structure

In the first stage, we develop a vision for what certified professionals will be able to accomplish. What jobs should they be able to perform? What is the target market? What differentiates levels of certification?

This work originally occurred for LPI in the fall of 1998 and early 1999. Through widespread community discussions and industry consultations, we outlined multiple levels:

  • LPI-1: Entry level, foundation or “junior” certification for Linux professionals;
  • LPI-2: Advanced level for Linux professionals;
  • Higher levels: A variety of products have been proposed for intermediate and higher levels and include a specialist or Linux guru level, LAMP, and enterprise network security. Research and industry consultation on these additional certifications is ongoing.